EU no Borders

One of the most difficult aspects in an international meeting consists in the effective comprehension, for people from other countries, of complex social phenomena characterizing the society of the host country. Having a full understanding of local problems implies a deep knowledge of attitudes, behavior and ways of thinking of local communities, and it requires working in synergy with territory operating agents. EU no Borders is a meeting for youth and social workers from many countries, an occasion for partner searching, for to take contact and for a mutual knowledge, for to compare each other work methodologies, the work approaches with disadvantged young people, for to build new international partnerships among the mediterranean area and Europe. It’s a project for active members youth policies with the objectiv to develop professional international collaborations. It’s a meeting between “men in charge”, for to compare philosophies- and work finalities, themes and contents of future proposals projects. It’s a “market” of partnerships and projects between organisations with a really interest to share international cooperations.