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Fashion Sustainability in the spotlight new trends of Intercultural Learning

Moda Barcelos | 26.03.2022

In a world where sustainability is the order of the day, the project “Fashion sustainability in the spotlight new trends of intercultural learning” aims to unite art and sustainability and prepare young talents for this new reality.

It is a project designed by Kasta Morrely, Romania in partnership with the Intercultural Association for All, Portugal, and Sfax University, Tunisia. The project is co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

In the scope of this project, Intercultural Association For All joined forces with the School of Technology and Management of Barcelos, EMEC|ETG and held the fashion show “Moda Intercultural – Barcelos” with the support of the Municipality.

Thus, on 26.03.2022, Barcelos had Glamour, Elegance and Interculturality. The show presented us with an International collection designed by Katty Fashion Company, Romania, Rita Sá Brand, Portugal and students from Sfax University, Tunisia. In addition, national designers were present: Huarte, Marcelo Almiscarado, Opiar and Sandra Vieira.



If before we thought it was possible to unite sustainability and art, today we are sure!


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