About Us

Intercultural Association For All (IAFA) is a non-profit organization. It is mostly constituted by young people, who decided to invest their intellectual and creative capital in the service of the community.

It has important national and international partnerships with public and private entities and also with companies.
Our challenge is to actively contribute to unemployment decrease and to promote Europe as an opportunity.

IAFA’s main goal is to support local development, in order to raise its patterns to European levels. Intends to mobilize its resources, knowledge and skills to job’s creation, vocational and civic training, in order to create equal opportunities for all.

IAFA’s main activity is to promote different European programs, in the cultural, social and mobility sphere, in order to contribute to a more cohesive knowledge and closer to the European Union’s different countries realities.

It seeks to promote intercultural cooperation among people, approaching themes as human rights, equal opportunities and entrepreneurship, making aware of a major collective voluntary solidarity need and social inclusion.

The main commitment is to promote European mobility to people with different training and business areas and to those who want to inspire and learn with other European organizations.



Our vision is availing the advantages of our knowledge and energy in order to promote interculturalism among the people, being an association of international reference due to the quality of our services.


The mission of our association is based on four fundamental pillars:

  • To promote interculturalism and multiculturalism among people;
  • Creation, promotion and support of cultural, society and social integration;
  •  To support, educate and encourage entrepreneurship and European culture.
  •  Contribute through their activities to reduce unemployment and the disclosure of Europe as an opportunity.

 Erasmus Support

Intercultural Association For All:

  • works in the interest of international students;
  • works to improve the social and practical integration of international students;
  • represents the needs and rights of international students on the local, national and international level;
  • provides relevant information about mobility programmes;
  • motivates students to study abroad;
  • works with the reintegration of homecoming students;
  • contributes to the improvement and accessibility of student mobility;
  • cares about its members;
  • values volunteering and active citizenship.


Support local development in order to raise their standards to European levels. Ensure that, as part of a global strategy for economic and social development, economic and social policies are mutually supportive in order to create sustainable development.


Specifically, association’s activities are classified in the following areas:

Economic / Social:

  • Combating unemployment, supporting the creation of self-employment or helping actively seeking work.
  • Creation of events that encourage dialogue and create opportunities for the different actors (companies, employers, unemployed, investors, schools, etc.).
  • Developing skills of organizations, for a more efficient management of resources and projects, by promoting training in the area of ​​new information technologies, management, ethics and communication.
  • Monitoring, support, evaluation and consulting people, organizations and institutions in developing and implementing projects and action plans.

(Inter) Cultural:

  • Promotes cultural and educational events (such as exhibitions, trainings and dances).
  • Organizes “art workshops” for the development of creativity (including creative recycling to promote an environmentally friendly attitude).
  • Free Tutoring English to children and adults based on non-formal education method.
  • Give support to students Erasmus of Barcelos and Viana do Castelo region, not only with an active monitoring, but also help in administrative procedures in his office and in the respective institutes, promote interculturalism, inclusion and mutual knowledge.
  • Support foreign workers who are in Portugal, a working other unemployed and with great difficulties of communication and integration.

The promotion of Minho and Minho culture:

  • Conducting cultural activities such as guided tours to the historic centers of major cities, school tours, gastronomy, visits to wine cellars green, rails designed to develop the knowledge and fauna of local flora.

The great effort on this theme is predominantly based on our culture and the typical products that distinguish us.